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CBMongoDB for Coldbox

v3.5.0.1+132 Modules

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CBMongoDB - The MongoDB Coldbox Module

CBMongoDB provides a familiar interface for interacting with MongoDB collections and documents. The module provides an Active Record document options to manage MongoDB documents and schema, using a familiar syntax for CRUD operations, recordset processing and retrieval.


Apache License, Version 2.0.


  • Adobe ColdFusion 2016+
  • Lucee 5


Just drop into your modules folder or use the box cli to install

box install cbmongodb



  1. Updates MongoDB driver to v3.5.0
  2. Fixes an issue with incorrect sort results when using the ActiveEntity order() function


  1. ACF Compatibility Updates
  2. Cleanup validation conditionals
  3. Adds the ability to pass an additional match condition on a grouped aggregation - Allows for an additional match clause to limit the grouped results
  4. Fixes casting errors on loaded entity save
  5. Ensure entity _id is always cast as a string
  6. Fixes merge issue with struct merge on population
  7. Add check for _id in record struct


  1. Syntax corrections
  2. Reverts auto-eviction to pre-v3.2.0.4 spec to prevent removal of normalized data prior to populate()
  3. Ensures legacy index names, which weren't keyed off of the collection are dropped and re-created using new naming conventions


  1. Updates Mongo Driver to v3.2.1.0
  2. ACF11 compatibility updates
  3. Refactors module to use coldbox module skeleton
  4. Adds automated Travis CI builds and deployments for source and new cbmongodb-be slug to Forgebox


  1. Fixes a schema issue where a parent struct is being overwritten by the default container when the child attribute is lower aphabetically
  2. Fixes an issue with unique validation
  3. Fixes population issues when passing nested structs
  4. Fixes issues with nested keys on normalization
  5. Adds auto-eviction prior to population
  6. Adds explicit closing to cursor use for single record retrieval
  7. Changes index naming scheme to prevent different collections from having the same index name hash
  8. Adds the ability to pass a struct as the first argument to where()


  1. Fixes ACF Compatibility Issues


  1. Fixes issues with unexpected driver return types
  2. Adds offset() helper method (alias for set_offset()) to ActiveEntity
  3. Adds isObjectId() helper method to MongoUtil for detecting whether an object is a Mongo _id string


  1. Fixes issues with module load/unload connection operations
  2. Adds GridFS operational support
  3. Adds GridFS FileEntity model
  4. Fixes issues with _id queries not being typed appropriately
  5. Fixes error when attempting to truncate a collection


  1. Updates MongoDB Java driver to version 3.2.0
  2. Adds support for readConcern configuration option


  1. Adds validation methods for entities and support for new property ForceValidation, which will prevent saving of documents which do not validate
  2. Adds auto-normalization capabilities for schema properties. When attributes are configured, schema will auto-normalize when set() and populate() methods are called.
  3. Implements full support for component accessors on all schema properties. Var safe accessor closures are generated to allow recursion through an underscore delimiter (e.g. getFirstLevel_SecondLevel() to retrieve getDocument().FirstLevel.SecondLevel)
  4. Fixes native CFML data types not being sanitized on deeply nested structs and arrays.
  5. Add getDocument() and asStruct() utility methods, which can be used on unloaded and unloaded entities.
  6. Adds append() and prepend() functions to assit in managing document schema arrays.
  7. Fixes issues with property maps not being defined correctly and correct casting of boolean property defaults.
  8. Adds MongoIndexer singleton to delegate index management away from Entity instances.


  1. Fixes issue with connections not being pooled accurately and adds connection closing to module unload
  2. Moves module bindings to onLoad() to ensure availability of cbjavaloader module
  3. Changes return type of all single record retrievals inserts and updates to native structs and adds auto-stringification of _id (eliminates the need for toString())
  4. Ensures version of returned object from findOneAndUpdate/findOneAndReplace operations is the after-save version


  1. Removes Requirement For CFMongoDB Module
  2. Adds Requirement for CBJavaloader Module
  3. Implements MongoDB 3.0 Driver
  4. Implements the ability to use multiple databases
  5. Implements the ability to configure databases at the entity level
  6. Implements Native Collection Methods for the 3.0 MongoCollection
  7. Implements CFML Aggregation methods while allowing direct access to native driver methods
  8. Implements CFML Map-Reduce methods
  9. Demonstrates 52% reduction in query execution times and database operations from the previous version
  10. Implements handlers for API documentation (/cmbongodb/docs) and Unit Tests (/cbmongodb/tests)
  11. Fixes issue with near() GEOSpatial operations on Polygon objects
  12. Re-factors Test Suite to Require the Framework Context
  13. Adds an asJSON argument to find() and findAll() entity queries
  14. Encapsulates all Collection Result queries to provide the following delivery methods: .asResult() - MongoIterable, .asCursor() - MongoIterator, .asArray(), asJSON()

$ box install cbmongodb

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