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An API wrapper for Meilisearch written in CFML for the ColdBox platform.

Getting Started

  1. Install via CommandBox - box install cbmeilisearch
  2. Start a Meilisearch instance
  3. Configure cbMeilisearch
    1. via environment variables
    2. via Coldbox.cfc's ModuleSettings
  4. Get the Client model: getInstance( "Client@cbmeilisearch" )
  5. Make API calls: msClient.createIndex( "movies" )

Starting Meilisearch

From the Meilisearch Quickstart guide:

# Fetch the latest version of Meilisearch image from DockerHub
docker pull getmeili/meilisearch:v0.30

# Launch Meilisearch in development mode with a master key
docker run --detach --rm \
    -p 7700:7700 \
    -e MEILI_MASTER_KEY='mySecretKey'\
    getmeili/meilisearch:v0.30 \
    meilisearch \

Configuration via Environment Variables

CBMeilisearch will try to pull Meilisearch connection settings from the environment variables by default. You can take advantage of this by creating a .env file in the root of your ColdBox app and using commandbox-dotenv or a similar tool to load the .env file into your application on startup.

# .env

Configuration via Coldbox's ModuleSettings

Use the following example configuration to get started configuring cbMeilisearch.

For obvious reasons, the host/port must point to a running Meilisearch instance, and the MEILISEARCH_MASTER_KEY must be the configured master key you set when starting Meilisearch.

// config/Coldbox.cfc
  function configure(){
    moduleSettings = {
      "cbmeilisearch" : {
        "MEILISEARCH_HOST" : "localhost",
        "MEILISEARCH_PORT" : 7700,
        "MEILISEARCH_MASTER_KEY" : "mySecretKey"


This library follows the Meilisearch API reference as closely as possible.

🤖 Meilisearch Version Compatibility

This package guarantees compatibility with Meilisearch versions:

Versions v0.27.x and below are NOT supported due to the breaking changes introduced in v0.28.0.

TODO / Help Needed

Looking to contribute? I'd love to see help in these areas:


Apache License, Version 2.0.

The ColdBox Websites, logo and content have a separate license and they are a separate entity.

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Copyright 2022 (and on) - Ortus Solutions


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[1.1.0] => 2023-JANUARY

  • Added support for Meilisearch v0.30
  • Added support for Meilisearch v0.29
  • 📦 NEW: Add Swap Indexes endpoint support
  • 📦 NEW: Add Task deletion endpoint support
  • 📦 NEW: Add Task cancellation support

[1.0.1] => 2022-SEPTEMPER-28

  • 📦 NEW: Add support for empty API key
  • ‼ BREAKING: Rename handleResponse() to parseAndThrow()

[1.0.0] => 2022-SEPTEMPER-8

  • 📦 First iteration of this module
  • 📦 Added Documents API wrapper
  • 📦 Added Indexes API wrapper
  • 📦 Added Keys API wrapper
  • 📦 Added Search API wrapper
  • 📦 Added Stats API wrapper
  • 📦 Added Tasks API wrapper
  • 📦 Added Version API wrapper

$ box install cbmeilisearch

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