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v1.9.0 CommandBox Modules

A CommandBox tool for scaffolding ForgeBox modules


Quickly create a ColdBox module that is ready to go with

  1. box.json and ModuleConfig.cfc values set
  2. Unit Testing
  3. Integration Testing with a built-in ColdBox app
  4. Publishing to ForgeBox with one command! (bump --major)
  5. Automatic Travis-CI integration to run your tests on 5 different CF engine/versions with pass/fail badge on your readme.
box module scaffold myCoolModule "Short Module Description"


The GitHub integration assumes you have a GitHub account already. The command will ask you for your GitHub username and password and will create an API token for you to publish your module.

The Travis integration requires no extra work. It's just tied to your GitHub account.

ForgeBox publishing assumes you have a account. To create one, use the forgebox register command.



$ box install cb-module-template

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