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This module provides image manipulation functionality. This module is part of the BoxLang project.


This module contributes the following BIFs:

Most of these BIFs are also implemented as member functions on the BoxImage type, so imageGrayScale( myImage ) can also be written as myImage.grayScale().


This module contains no BoxLang Components.


Blur, crop, and grayscale a png image before saving it back to disk:

var updatedLogo = ImageRead( "src/test/resources/logo.png" )
    .blur( 5 )
    .crop( x = 50, y = 50, width = 150, height = 100 )
imageWrite( updatedLogo, "src/test/resources/logoNew.png" );

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[1.0.0] => 2024-APR-05

  • First iteration of this module

$ box install bx-image

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