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This module provides a BoxLang JDBC driver for Apache Derby. This module is part of the BoxLang project.


See BoxLang's Defining Datasources documentation for full examples on where and how to construct a datasource connection pool.

Here's a few examples of some Apache Derby datasources:

Connecting to an In-Memory Database

You can specify an in-memory database using this connection string: jdbc:derby: memory:{MyDBName};create=true where {MyDBName} is replaced with your database name of choice:

this.datasources[ "testDB" ] = {
	"driver"  : "derby",
	"protocol": "memory",
	"database": "testDB"

Connecting to a Database Directory On Disk

You can also work with an on-disk database:

this.datasources[ "AutoDB" ] = {
	"driver"  : "derby",
	"protocol": "directory",
	"database": "/home/michael/myApp/resources/AutoDB"

Connecting to a .Zip or .Jar File As a Read-Only Database

Apache Derby also supports compressing databases into a .zip file or .jar file, then accessing those as a readonly database:

Doing this as a BoxLang datasource would look like:

this.datasources[ "myJarDB" ] = {
	"driver"  : "derby",
	"protocol": "jar",
	"database": expandPath( "./libs/myDB.jar" ) & "products/boiledfood"

Note that even though protocol is set to "jar", a .zip file is fully supported. 😁

Note it is important to specify an absolute path to the jar or zip file, and the database file path within the jar must be specified correctly. You may need to use a leading slash. For more notes, see the Apache Derby documentatiion on Transferring read-only databases to archive (jar or zip) files and Accessing a read-only database in a zip/jar file.

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1.0.0 - 2024-06-13

1.0.0 => 2024-APR-05

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