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A CFML wrapper for the Aylien API. Access Aylien's Natural Language Processing (NLP) API to extract meaning and insight from textual content.

This is a very early stage API wrapper. Feel free to use the issue tracker to report bugs or suggest improvements!


This project borrows heavily from the API frameworks built by jcberquist, such as xero-cfml and aws-cfml. Because it draws on those projects, it is also licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

Table of Contents

Quick Start

Let's analyze some text! Here's how to extract entities:

aylien = new applicationId = 'xxx', applicationKey = 'xxx' );

entities = aylien.entities( url = '' );

writeDump( entities );

Reference Manual

sentiment( string text = '', string url = '', string language, string mode )

Determines the tone of a piece of text such as a tweet, a review or an article, and for short text, whether it is subjective or objective. You must provide either the text or url argument. Be sure to use the appropriate mode parameter based on your input text: tweet for short text such as social media updates and document for longer text such as a review or an article. The default mode is tweet.

entities( string text = '', string url = '', string language )

Extracts named entities (people, organizations and locations) and values (URLs, emails, telephone numbers, currency amounts and percentages) from a document. You must provide either the text or url argument.

concepts( string text = '', string url = '', string language )

Extracts different types of notable entities mentioned in a document, disambiguates and cross link them to DBPedia and Linked Data entities, along with their semantic types (including DBPedia and You must provide either the text or url argument.

summarize( string url = '', string title = '', string text = '', numeric sentences_number, numeric sentences_percentage, string language )

Provides an easy way of summarizing a document such as a news article or blog post into a few key sentences. You can specify the length of the summary via the sentences_number or sentences_percentage parameters. If not summary length is provided, sentences_number defaults to 5.

hashtags( string text = '', string url = '', string language )

Generates a list of relevant hashtags from a piece of content.


For questions that aren't about bugs, feel free to hit me up on the CFML Slack Channel; I'm @mjclemente. You'll likely get a much faster response than creating an issue here.


👍 🎉 First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute! 🎉 👍

Before putting the work into creating a PR, I'd appreciate it if you opened an issue. That way we can discuss the best way to implement changes/features, before work is done.

Changes should be submitted as Pull Requests on the develop branch.

$ box install ayliencfc

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