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AlphaVantage CFML API wrapper

Wraps the AlphaVantage API for easy CFML usage using the Hyper ColdBox module.

AlphaVantage Release

Getting Started

  1. Install this module - box install AlphaVantage
  2. Configure AlphaVantage API secrets using .env
  3. OR configure AlphaVantage API via ColdBox moduleSettings

Environment Variable Configuration

AlphaVantage can mainly be configured using environment variables:

  • ALPHAVANTAGE_API_KEY - Required API key for authenticating with the AlphaVantage API
  • FINNUHB_API_URL - base URL of the AlphaVantage API.

You'll need to either use commandbox-dotenv to automatically populate environment variables from the .env file on server start, or manually read this file to populate environment variables inside your application.

# .env file
# AlphaVantage API Credentials

As an aside, PLEASE ensure you ignore this file in your .gitignore!

ColdBox Module Configuration via ModuleSettings

Set this in config/ColdBox.cfc in the configure() method:

moduleSettings.alphavantage = {
    apiKey : "blablasecret",
    apiURL : "my.url"

API Reference

Each api method returns a HyperResponse object with the following methods (not exhaustive):

  • response.isSuccess() - boolean
  • response.isError() - boolean
  • response.json() - JSON deserialized to a struct or array
  • response.getData() - unchanged data payload

See the Hyper docs for more info on using a HyperResponse.



var response = getInstance( "[email protected]" ).getCompanyOverview( "MSFT" );
symbolstringRequired. Stock symbol to fetch


var response = getInstance( "[email protected]" ).getCompanyEarnings( "MSFT" );
symbolstringRequired. Stock symbol to fetch

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21 Jul 2021 — 17:54: 57 UTC


  • *: 📖 DOC: Improved README with API Reference docs (c3a6734)
  • *: 🐛 FIX: Correct ModuleConfig apikey in ALphaVantageClient configuration (7978352)
  • *: 👌 IMPROVE: Update Release workflow name for cooler github badge (f32f33f)

$ box install alphavantage

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