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 A paging plugin.
To use this plugin you need to create some settings in your coldbox.xml and some
css entries.

- PagingMaxRows : The maximum number of rows per page.
- PagingBandGap : The maximum number of pages in the page carrousel

.pagingTabs - The div container
.pagingTabsTotals - The totals
.pagingTabsCarrousel - The carrousel

To use. You must use a "page" variable to move from page to page.
ex: index.cfm?event=users.list&page=2

In your handler you must calculate the boundaries to push into your paging query.

<cfset rc.boundaries = getMyPlugin("paging").getBoundaries()>

Gives you a struct:
[startrow] : the startrow to use
[maxrow] : the max row in this recordset to use.
Ex: [startrow=11][maxrow=20] if we are using a PagingMaxRows of 10


FoundRows = The total rows found in the recordset
link = The link to use for paging, including a placeholder for the page @[email protected]
ex: index.cfm?event=users.list&[email protected]@

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Drop in your plugins folder or coldbox extensions location
  • Fixes to pagination on next screens
  • Updates to use default values for settings: Paging Max Rows = 20 and Paging Band Gap = 5


$ box install RecordPaging

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