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Mailchimp List

v1.0.0 Public

MailChimp List API Wrapper

A simple wrapper around MailChimp's 2.0 List API.

**NOTE** We only really implemented the methods we needed. This isn't a full library around MailChimp's offerings, and others are encourage to submit pull requests to fill in the missing gaps.

Methods we implemented:

  • /lists/list: Retrieve all of the lists defined for your user account ([API Docs](
  • /lists/subscribe: Subscribe the provided email to a list. By default this sends a confirmation email - you will not see new members until the link contained in it is clicked! ([API Docs](
  • /lists/unsubscribe: Unsubscribe the given email address from the list ([API Docs](
  • /lists/update-member: Updates a given member from the list ([API Docs](

And that's literally it.

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$ box install Mailchimp-List

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