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An implementation of the Handlebars.js templating language in Lucee. Handlebars is a logicless templating language and implements the language as defined by Handlebars.js

This documentation will not go into specifics of the Handlebars syntax, for that see Handlebars.js

Handlebars.lucee is a thin wrapper around For advanced usage and differences between Javascript Handlebars.js and, read their documentation

Handlebars.js is also mosly compatabile with Mustache templates, but there are differences

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1.0.1 Sep 19 2016 02:01 PM Sep 19 2016 02:01 PM
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1.0.0+1 Mar 15 2016 06:26 PM Jun 09 2016 10:15 AM


$ box install Handlebarslucee

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