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Lucee MariaDB extension

v3.3.1 Lucee Extensions

Lucee MariaDB Extension

This extension installs the MariaDB Connector/J Type 4 JDBC driver for creating MariaDB data sources in Lucee Server. It is an alternative to the generic MySQL driver.


via Forgebox

  1. In your Lucee Administrator, go to the Extension > Providers page and add as a New Extension Provider if not already present
  2. Go to Extension > Applications and look for MariaDB in the "Not installed" section
  3. Click the extension and install


  1. Download the the lucee-mariadb.lex file
  2. In your Lucee Administrator, go to the Extension > Applications page
  3. Under "Upload new extension", select the lex file and click "Upload"


Once installed you can either create datasources in the Lucee Administrator using the newly added "MariaDB" type, or you can define them in your Application.cfc as follows:

this.datasource = {
	class: "org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver"
	,connectionString: "jdbc:mariadb: //[hostname]:[port]/[database]?<parameter>=<value>"
	,username: [username]
	,password: [password]
	//other options if required

More details on defining Lucee datasources

Full driver documentation

Migration from the MySQL driver

Note that when inserting records into tables with an auto-increment primary key, the MySQL driver returns the new primary key value in two variables in the query result:


However the MariaDB driver returns the value in the following variables:


Before switching drivers, you should therefore check that your code is using generatedKey and not GENERATED_KEY.


Inspiration came from Bruce Kirkpatrick.

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