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Comment E-mailer

v1.0.0.0 Public
This is a simple ContentBox module that will E-mail blog commenters when another approved comment is posted on the same blog entry.
The E-mails will go out when the comment is saved IF it is approved.
Otherwise, they will go out any time the comment's status is changed to approved-- even if done in a bulk update.

There is no need for commenters on your blog to subscribe.  The is also no way for them to unsubscribe-- if someone doesn't want to get further E-mails, then just remove their E-mail address from their comment.

This module is just a stop gap until full notification support is introduced in ContentBox 2.0.

Much of this code was adapted from code Andrew Scott ( shared on the ContentBox List. 
Just install and activate the module in the ContentBox admin and that's it.  
2/7/2014 - 1.0 Initial version

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$ box install Comment-E-mailer

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