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v1 Modules
Basic Requirements:
  • Coldfusion 9.0.1
  • Coldbox 3.00
  • Microsoft SQL Server. I haven't tried it with other DB but since it uses Hibernate it should work with other DB as well. ORM Enabled coldbox 3.00 application.
  • SES Interceptor enabled.
  • Grab the Aggregator Module and place it in the Modules Directory.
  •  Enable ORM with data source and set the cfc locations. e.g:
    • this.datasource = 'datasource name';
    • this.ormEnabled = true;
  •  this.ormSettings = { cfclocation = "modules/aggregator/model", // orm model location dbcreate = "update", flushatrequestend = false };
  • Enable coldbox event and handler caching settings.
  • Enable SES interceptor if not enabled since this app requires SES enabled.
  • Add the following Module route to the routes.cfm file: addModuleRoutes(pattern="/aggregator",module="aggregator");
  • Configure Logbox in your coldbox config if you need to log info logged by the module.
  • Secure the Admin module handler (aggregator:admin.*) using your security interceptor.
URLs if App is running in root.
Admin URL: http://localhost/aggregator/admin
Aggregator Home page: http://localhost/aggregator/
Sample Coldbox Application URL can be found here
Code release

$ box install Aggregator

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