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Address Cleaner

v0.1.0 Plugins

A Coldbox plugin that allows a user to pass in a string that contains an address and the plugin will return a cleaner version of the address, if it can. Otherwise it will return an error struct containing more information.


0.1.0 - Initial Release with basic parsing and error returning


  • cleanAddress(required string address) - Simply takes the string and returns a cleanly formatted string (ie. 123 S. Main St. Anywhere, MD 12345). Returns an error array if errors exist.
  • getAddressStruct(required string address) - Returns a coldfusion struct of the individual elements of the address argument entered. Returns an error array if errors exist.

Thanks go to...

I started building this because of a need for it and figured a coldbox plugin was the natural solution with the point of open sourcing it so others can add in their dev that they think is good and of course is helpful.

I built this using JGeoCoder under the hood so I, by no means, want any credit for it. I just wrapped up a really nice java based parser and geocoder into a coldbox plugin. For more information on JGeoCoder, please visit


Clone repository into your application's "plugins" directory and use in your application like any other plugin.

$ box install Address-Cleaner

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