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Gavin Pickin

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Report App Startup information to Sentry for ColdBox Apps

I am a ColdBox module that logs ColdBox Framework Inits with BugLog

This module wraps Brian Ghidinelli's CFPayment library - ColdFusion payment processing library makes

CommandBox choose your own adventure game

Provides a Base Handler and Response Object to apply convention to your Rest Design

Allows you to package up your Module for Publishing

CommandBox Task Runner that allows you to check your local docker compose against your portainer stack file and your .env.example

Test Module for Contentbox 3

Customizable ContentBox IP Camera Jpeg Save and Display Widget Module for Contentbox 3

Mailchimp Form Module for Contentbox 3

An official ContentBox 3.0 theme

Customizable Twitter Embed Widget for Contentbox 3

Add ColdBox App Environment headers to your app in one module

This module is where all Form Inputs are registered, for Widgets, Themes, and more.

Add Hostname headers to your app in one module

This is a CommandBox command called kiwiSays that will help you manage your Apache Conf with CF11, L

This is a simple Email Validator using the MailGun service. Signup for a free account from mailgun.

A cbmailservices protocol for Mailgun

Add Version headers to your app in one module