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Eric Peterson

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A CommandBox tool for scaffolding ForgeBox modules

box install cb-module-template
Last update: Jan 30 2018 05:11 PM

Helpers for authentication in ColdBox

box install cbauth
Last update: Oct 25 2018 01:56 AM

A CFML Wrapper around the GitHub API optimized for ColdBox

box install cbgithub
Last update: Dec 04 2017 04:00 PM

Version any orm entity for easy rollbacks

box install cborm-versioning
Last update: Oct 02 2017 11:27 AM

# cbsvg [![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/elpete/cbsvg.svg?branch=master)](https://travis-ci.org/elpete/cbsvg) [![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/elpete/cbsvg.svg?branch=development)](https://travis-ci.org/elpete/cbsvg) ## Installation `

box install cbsvg
Last update: Oct 07 2016 05:08 PM

Wrapper around Barbecue - a Java barcode printing library

box install cfbarbecue
Last update: Mar 24 2017 05:05 PM

An array wrapper for functional programming

box install cfcollection
Last update: Feb 24 2018 02:50 PM

Transform business models to JSON data structures. Based on the Fractal PHP library.

box install cffractal
Last update: Jan 14 2019 03:13 PM

A simple CFML whole value implementation of fractions

box install cffractions
Last update: Jun 10 2016 06:30 AM

Keep track and run your database migrations with CFML

box install cfmigrations
Last update: Dec 11 2018 11:40 PM

Run your cfmigrations from CommandBox

box install commandbox-migrations
Last update: Sep 17 2018 04:21 PM

Reads values from your Java System properties and adds the values to your ColdBox settings.

box install cbox-properties-loader
Last update: Jun 21 2016 11:38 PM

Convention approach to adding environment variables to JVM args for CommandBox.

box install commandbox-dotenv
Last update: Nov 19 2018 10:10 PM

Manage your git hooks with CommandBox

box install commandbox-githooks
Last update: Nov 13 2017 10:16 AM

Commands to share the current server via ngrok

box install box-ngrok
Last update: Jun 12 2018 05:18 PM

Automated releases for CFML applications

box install commandbox-semantic-release
Last update: Nov 13 2018 10:43 PM

Add CORS headers to your app in one module

box install cors
Last update: Jan 31 2018 05:23 PM

Easy, customizable messages across requests for ColdFusion

box install flashmessage
Last update: Sep 19 2016 05:37 PM


box install hyper
Last update: Oct 31 2018 01:20 PM

A TestBox package for even better Integration tests in ColdBox!

box install integrated
Last update: Feb 16 2017 05:05 PM

A CommandBox tool for scaffolding Integrated specs

box install integrated-commands
Last update: Mar 07 2017 01:15 PM

# JSONToRC ## Add the HTTP Request Body to the RC on each request

box install JSONToRC
Last update: May 04 2017 03:15 PM

Normalize any value to an array

box install normalizeToArray
Last update: Mar 22 2017 03:32 PM

Calls ORMReload() when the `ormReload=correct_password` is set in the URL or when `fwreinit` is called.

box install orm-reload-interceptor
Last update: Jun 14 2016 12:41 PM

A query builder for the rest of us

box install qb
Last update: Dec 19 2018 07:57 PM

ColdBox/WireBox Aspect to convert queries to arrays of structs

box install QueryToArrayOfStructsConverter
Last update: Jan 10 2017 04:49 PM

Caches the last request in the flash scope to give easy redirects back

box install redirectBack
Last update: Jan 13 2017 11:22 AM

Translate an absolute path into a relative path.

box install relative-path-converter
Last update: Jun 08 2016 10:20 PM

Verifying that commandbox-semantic-release is working

box install semantic-release-playground
Last update: Nov 14 2017 02:38 PM

A cbmailservices protocol for Send Grid

box install send-grid-protocol
Last update: Feb 07 2018 06:47 AM

Sets the SES and HTML base url on each request.

box install ses-on-request
Last update: May 02 2018 11:22 AM

A collection of string helper functions

box install str
Last update: Feb 04 2019 10:27 AM


box install test-missing-ref
Last update: Jul 23 2018 04:42 PM

Use snapshot testing to easily prevent regressions in TestBox

box install testbox-snapshots
Last update: Nov 28 2017 02:29 PM

CFML Regular Expressions made easy

box install VerbalExpressions
Last update: Jun 09 2016 12:10 PM

Verifies the CSRF token on all non-GET requests

box install verify-csrf-interceptor
Last update: Sep 04 2017 10:29 AM

A collection of helpers for interacting with VueJS

box install vue-helpers
Last update: May 10 2017 12:07 PM

Interactive debug for exceptions in ColdBox

box install whoops
Last update: Jun 16 2017 07:43 AM